I Am at High Risk for Breast Cancer

If you carry genetic markers (the BRCA mutations and others) for breast cancer, the potential of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be a source of constant anxiety. Perhaps you have seen other friends or family members treated for breast cancer and seen the challenges of diagnosis and treatment firsthand.

We understand that you have many decisions to make as you manage your risk of breast cancer. For many women, choosing a risk-reducing mastectomy to prevent breast cancer is a way to take back control of their bodies.

If you do choose a risk-reducing mastectomy, breast reconstruction can be an important part of your healing and recovery process. Your surgeon at the Friedman Center will work closely with your oncologic breast surgeon to choose the right procedures for you. Breast reconstruction and mastectomy can often be performed during the same surgery.

Most women who choose to have a risk-reducing mastectomy opt to have immediate breast reconstruction during the same surgical procedure. In certain situations, your plastic surgeon may recommend an additional enhancement procedure such as a breast lift or reduction to provide the best aesthetic outcome.

If you’re at high genetic risk for breast cancer, learn more about risk-reducing mastectomy treatment options in order to proactively lower your risk for developing breast cancer from occurring.

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